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The concept behind Nordica 31 came about while I, Lisa, was experiencing numerous sleepless nights due to the midnight sun in Norway. For two years I travelled throughout Europe in my van, discovering many new places, cultures and eating habits.
As a child, I grew up in my parents’ restaurant, which fuelled my passion for good food. And my studies at Luca School of Arts in Brussels in turn gave me an appreciation for beauty. These two passions are united in Nordica 31: the Nordic kitchen that I discovered during my travels to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Canada, combined with a timeless, minimalist interior and design.
Nordica 31 aims to introduce you to Nordic street food, specialty coffee/tea, and our home-made sourdough. Three elements that create ‘hygge’. Namely the art of creating intimacy. A feeling of being at home. And this is exactly what we aim to achieve with Nordica 31: to give you a feeling of being at home, in the serving of a flat white coffee or enjoying the smell of our home-made cardamom buns.


All our dishes are freshly made and often prepared with seasonal ingredients.Order your smørrebrød, bun or salad online.
We’ll see to it that you can pick up your order safely and according to the prevailing health measures.
Coffee, tea and other drinks can be ordered when you pick up your order.

If you are unable to place your order online via our website, you can order by phone at the following number: 03/297.63.08


Celebrate your future party or event at Nordica 31 or the place of your choice. We’ll create a one-of-a-kind experience with top catering services.

Nordica 31 turns your event into a party. A birthday, hen night, reception, baby shower, wedding party, company party, team building event, etc.


We’ll prepare a catering package specially adapted to your taste, budget and group size.